Home Made Cough Syrup

Home Made Cough Syrup

Have a cough but don’t want to take some strong store bought cough syrup? I’ll show you how to make some from ingredients you have at home. Much healthier!

Cough Syrup recipe

Where To Find Insurance That Is Both Cheap and Offers Good Coverage

Where To Find Insurance That Is Both Cheap and Offers Good Coverage

Finding cheap full coverage auto insurance my quick guide

It’s been a real struggle for me for the longest to time to find cheap auto insurance that offers good, full coverage. I used to have to have the yellow pages open to my left and a notepad open on my right. I would call every single insurance company I could find to get good coverage.

I would get the quotes and write them and the company details down in my notebook; quotes, monthly payments, what’s covered, what’s not covered, etc. I’d end up with detailed pages listing every single facet of insurance that you can think of. Tons of pages. Tons of notes. Then I’d have to pour through my notes to assess which would be my best option. I’d have to write down even more notes to compare between companies and list their strengths and weaknesses. It’d take me hours. Even longer when you think about how long I’d be left on hold trying to get through to the damn companies in the first place! Hours and hours of my time that could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

The worst part would be that when I finally narrowed down my choices to a few select companies, I’d call them back and they’d end up changing their quotes! They’d suddenly say that they couldn’t offer certain coverage for that price, or that I’d have to pay this much more to have the kind of cover that I needed. This happened far more times than I care to remember.

A real exercise in frustration. Eventually I’d get so sick and tired of it and so worn down by the process that I’d end up settling for a deal far worse than any company had originally offered me on my initial phone call.

Then the next year, I’d get fed up of paying ridiculous amounts and attempt to get a better deal or switch companies. And the whole rigmarole would begin again in earnest.

Nowadays it’s a little bit easier. I threw the yellow pages into the trash a long time ago and now my phone-call count has gone way down. I’m much more reliant on the comparison sites to do all the hard, monotonous work for me. They compile all the data I need and clearly show what price I’m expected to pay. They sort them by cheapest to most expensive, which makes it a thousand times easier to figure out exactly which company offers the cheapest full coverage auto insurance. Here’s my favorite website so far: http://www.insurancebynerds.com

Buying My Friend a Driver-less Car

Buying My Friend a Driver-less Car

I found the perfect gift for my friend the other day. A driver-less car. I’m not trying to be mean or anything. Just… trying to save my own life?

You see, she really isn’t the best driver. And her Dad just bought her a brand new BMW which has only accelerated the problem. Literally. She’s now driving a car that doesn’t take up to 5 minutes to reach her desired speed of forced back in your seat fast.

The other day, we were driving through my neighbourhood. Down a really narrow road with parked cars all down one side. You’d think, that she would see the car driving head on towards us and, I don’t know. Wait for it to pass so that it didn’t drive into us.

She didn’t. She decided to speed up and force the oncoming driver to slam their brakes on in a way that almost caused a pileup.

That’s why I’ve decided that her next birthday gift is going to be a car that she doesn’t ‘have to’ be in full control of. How generous of me.

Not only will it save the lives of her, myself, and all of our friends that have the misfortune to be offered a lift by her. But it will also save innocent strangers that find themselves within a 5-mile radius. And it will save her bank account.

For her, cheap full coverage car insurance is now a no go. I suspect she’s been blacklisted by the majority of insurance providers in the country, to be honest. She’ll need to get something like very cheap car insurance no deposit. The “very cheap” part is probably any oxymoron for her!

So this solves all of our problems. And it’ll probably be quite a wake-up call to be behind the wheel of a car that isn’t recklessly swerving through lanes at alarming speeds I would think. I can’t wait. Anyway in the meantime, I figured out that I’m overpaying for auto insurance so now I get to spend an afternoon googling who has the cheapest auto insurance. FUN!

Why Don’t We Teach Kids About Finances?

Why Don’t We Teach Kids About Finances?

Sorry about this off topic rant, but just had to post this.

I have a friend who works in a bank. She was tasked with the job of calling one of the bank’s customers to tell them that they owed a significant amount of money and hadn’t paid off any of their credit card bills since they were issued with their credit card.

According to her, this isn’t that rare. But the more worrying part is that this customer’s response is also a common occurrence.

First, they couldn’t provide any of the details on their card, claiming ‘I threw it away once the money ran out’. To which my friend responded with an explanation as to how credit cards work. And that the debt doesn’t just go away when you get rid of the card.

The customer was utterly baffled and very adamant that the bank had given them money, and now that they didn’t have the card they didn’t have to pay it back.

That’s terrifying! That people are so uneducated about money that they don’t understand that they have to pay back credit. If everyone thinks they’re getting free money, no wonder they’re running around searching ‘loan companies near me’ to get their next ‘free gift’. Wow. Just wow.

Why don’t we teach kids how to manage their finances in school? When I was at school I learned the quadratic formula by heart. I can still recite it now, over a decade later. Yet, I haven’t used it once. Not one time have I needed to perform any complicated algebraic equation in my everyday life.

Surely we can get rid of some of the unnecessary stuff so that our children don’t drown in debt by the age of 20?

Managing money is something that we, as adults do and think about every single day. More probably than almost anything else we ever learn at school. Yet we do it blind. No one (unless your parents decide to) teaches us how to do any of it. And we wonder why the economy is in bad shape. Another thing we need to talk about is car insurance, but that’s a whole nother matter!

I Was Tricked by Chiropractic Marketing

I Was Tricked by Chiropractic Marketing

A while ago I was suffering from really bad back pain. I spoke to a few friends, and some of them mentioned going to see a Chiropractor. I was kind of hesitant (it turns out I should have been a lot hesitant) because I was worried about messing up my spine.

I didn’t go to my doctor (stupidly). Instead, I went to the internet. Where I was bombarded with a variety of Chiropractic marketing strategies. Let me tell you, marketing really does work in attracting new patients because I was straight on the phone to one clinic I found.

I arranged an appointment and went along to meet the Chiropractor. He was very qualified, very nice. At least before the treatment started. After that began I reconsidered my position and decided that he must be a sadist.

And I underwent a few sessions of (extremely painful) treatment. Before I finally decided that since my pain wasn’t improving, I should probably go and see my primary care doctor just in case.

It turns out that I shouldn’t actually have been visiting a Chiropractor at all. I had a slipped disc, and not only were Chiropractic treatments never going to work. They could have made the whole situation worse.

Luckily I stopped going before that happened. But just remember that no matter how genuinely excellent a Chiropractor is, Chiropractic marketing is a ploy used to attract more business to a clinic and even though I am the most cynical human alive. I was still so taken in by it, that I went to see a doctor that I even need for treatment I shouldn’t have had.

But really, well done to that clinic because getting me to voluntarily receive healthcare without definitively being told I must go or risk death is quite an impressive feat.

Here’s how to save big on car insurance

Here’s how to save big on car insurance

// This is an off topic rant and guide to getting cheap car insurance! //

I have been paying my car insurance premium for more than two decades now. But, somehow, I have never really understood as to how exactly car insurance premiums are calculated. I’ve been paying blindly, not knowing anything about how to find deals on auto insurance.

Well this Friday I decided it was time to stop being so ignorant. I did some googling and learned a lot!

Before, I used to often think that I was not a good bargain hunter and that was the reason for never getting a good ‘deal’ while buying an car insurance. Perhaps, my friends were better ‘negotiators’ and that was the reason that they were getting a good bargain every time.

Well it turns out that’s not the case. My friends or no better or worse negotiators than me. The only difference between us was that they would compare much more companies than me.

I would get a quote from 1-3 companies tops, while I just found out my friends would get 10+ quotes.

Basically more quotes = you getting cheap car insurance. Not rocket science!

I found a great site: autoinsurancemonkey.com. I put in my zip code and than got about 10 quotes for very cheap car insurance no deposit. Pretty amazing. I thought I would have to call 20+ insurance companies and talk to an agent to get a quote. I keep forgetting I’m living in the 21st century!

Here’s some stuff I learned

A lot of factors have a direct link with the car insurance premium you pay. The age of the driver and type of car are two major factors. A 21 year old driver will be required to pay much more premium for his sports car as compared to the premium which a 46 year old driver will be paying for his 4-door sedan. Driver history in terms of accidents will be another key factor.

Some other factors which may affect your car insurance premium include type of insurance cover required; make, model (or age) and value of your car; driver’s sex (since some companies offer a discount to women drivers); driver’s occupation; intended use of your car, namely business or pleasure; accessories fitted in the car and number of miles that you do each year.

If you want more coverage, something like full coverage car insurance: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/ your going to pay much higher premiums than if you get some basic coverage. I would always buy as much coverage as I could afford. Which makes no sense, since I’m driving a 13 year old car!

Less coverage is the smart thing to get sometimes.