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Where To Find Insurance That Is Both Cheap and Offers Good Coverage

Where To Find Insurance That Is Both Cheap and Offers Good Coverage

Finding cheap full coverage auto insurance my quick guide

It’s been a real struggle for me for the longest to time to find cheap auto insurance that offers good, full coverage. I used to have to have the yellow pages open to my left and a notepad open on my right. I would call every single insurance company I could find to get good coverage.

I would get the quotes and write them and the company details down in my notebook; quotes, monthly payments, what’s covered, what’s not covered, etc. I’d end up with detailed pages listing every single facet of insurance that you can think of. Tons of pages. Tons of notes. Then I’d have to pour through my notes to assess which would be my best option. I’d have to write down even more notes to compare between companies and list their strengths and weaknesses. It’d take me hours. Even longer when you think about how long I’d be left on hold trying to get through to the damn companies in the first place! Hours and hours of my time that could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

The worst part would be that when I finally narrowed down my choices to a few select companies, I’d call them back and they’d end up changing their quotes! They’d suddenly say that they couldn’t offer certain coverage for that price, or that I’d have to pay this much more to have the kind of cover that I needed. This happened far more times than I care to remember.

A real exercise in frustration. Eventually I’d get so sick and tired of it and so worn down by the process that I’d end up settling for a deal far worse than any company had originally offered me on my initial phone call.

Then the next year, I’d get fed up of paying ridiculous amounts and attempt to get a better deal or switch companies. And the whole rigmarole would begin again in earnest.

Nowadays it’s a little bit easier. I threw the yellow pages into the trash a long time ago and now my phone-call count has gone way down. I’m much more reliant on the comparison sites to do all the hard, monotonous work for me. They compile all the data I need and clearly show what price I’m expected to pay. They sort them by cheapest to most expensive, which makes it a thousand times easier to figure out exactly which company offers the cheapest full coverage auto insurance. Here’s my favorite website so far: