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I Was Tricked by Chiropractic Marketing

I Was Tricked by Chiropractic Marketing

A while ago I was suffering from really bad back pain. I spoke to a few friends, and some of them mentioned going to see a Chiropractor. I was kind of hesitant (it turns out I should have been a lot hesitant) because I was worried about messing up my spine.

I didn’t go to my doctor (stupidly). Instead, I went to the internet. Where I was bombarded with a variety of Chiropractic marketing strategies. Let me tell you, marketing really does work in attracting new patients because I was straight on the phone to one clinic I found.

I arranged an appointment and went along to meet the Chiropractor. He was very qualified, very nice. At least before the treatment started. After that began I reconsidered my position and decided that he must be a sadist.

And I underwent a few sessions of (extremely painful) treatment. Before I finally decided that since my pain wasn’t improving, I should probably go and see my primary care doctor just in case.

It turns out that I shouldn’t actually have been visiting a Chiropractor at all. I had a slipped disc, and not only were Chiropractic treatments never going to work. They could have made the whole situation worse.

Luckily I stopped going before that happened. But just remember that no matter how genuinely excellent a Chiropractor is, Chiropractic marketing is a ploy used to attract more business to a clinic and even though I am the most cynical human alive. I was still so taken in by it, that I went to see a doctor that I even need for treatment I shouldn’t have had.

But really, well done to that clinic because getting me to voluntarily receive healthcare without definitively being told I must go or risk death is quite an impressive feat.